Br Imran Datoo is known for reciting Nawhas, Marsiyas and Qasidas predominantly in the Urdu language with the recent addition of English recitations to enable the message of the Ahlulbayt (as) to be spread as far and wide as possible.

Imran has been blessed by Allah (swt) to recite in different parts of the world including the Karbala, Najaf, UK, Dar es Salaam, Miami, Toronto and many more.

In the last few years Imran has travelled with various groups to perform the Ziyaraat in Iraq and fulfill his duty to serve the Ahlulbayt by reciting various Nohas, Marsiyas and Manqabats in the Urdu & English Language.

With Muharram Noha Albums and Qasidas officially released, Imran aims to continue bringing more official releases in order to serve the Ahlulbayt (as) to the best of his ability.

Imran has also worked with children in the Peterborough community, taking part in the Azadari initiative launched by the community. Here Imran helped teach children and young adults of all ages to recite different nawhas, which allowed them to share the love of the Ahlulbayt in their own way.

Br. Imran Datoo also offers workshops for children or anybody who has the passion to recite in service of the ahlulbayt via group or one-to-one sessions

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